The Process

1: Talk through the brief and clarify the details.

Either call or send an email and we’ll connect within 24 hours. We’ll discuss your requirements, and both determine if we’re the right fit for the project. I will require a written brief and ensure both parties are clear about the project, timing, details and budget. Remember, if you don’t know exactly what you want, I will make professional recommendations.

2: Provide the quote and examples of illustration styles

Quotes are usually supplied within 24 to 48 hours after the initial discussion.  Along with the quote I will provide examples of styles that will suit your project as well as outlining each stage of the process with timeframes for each.

3: Quote approval and sketch or line art draft produced for approval before proceeding. 

Once the quote is approved and the 30% deposit paid (new clients only) I provide a pencil sketch or line art draft. This is an important stage to be clear on the direction of the project including the content of the illustration, level of detail and style used. I’ll ensure you understand where I’m going with it and make any changes required.

4: Project development and ongoing communication.

Now I have the approval to proceed; I’ll get to work on the illustration. I place high importance on communication and will keep you involved and up to date on the project as we go, this way there are no surprises, and you can feel confident that your illustration will come out as planned. In my experience, open lines of communication are key to a successful project, and it’s also great for you to see your project come to life.

5: Approval and payment

I will send you the illustration on email or via a file transfer for your approval. I am happy to make reasonable amendments at this stage, as I understand I won’t always get the detail right on the first attempt. This is usually three sets of changes, and I appreciate if you can send all the changes through in one go so I can efficiently get them done.  When the illustration is approved, I invoice for the balance of the agreed amount and once paid, I will supply you with all the digital files in various formats including the editable working files for your future use.  The illustration is then exclusively yours to do with as you require and you retain full copyright over the work indefinitely. 

To get the process started, click here and get in touch. 


As every illustration is unique, I can’t provide a quote without a brief, that’s why the briefing process is so important. I quote on the whole project including changes, not an hourly rate.

See below examples to give an idea of what a project may cost. I’ve also stipulated the hours spent on previous projects which you can see when you scroll through the work section here. This can help you understand how much work is involved in various types of illustrations. Give me a call, and I’ll do our best to give you an indication of the cost of your request. Please note prices are in Australian Dollars. 

Isometric coal mining vector illustration

Isometric Transportation Process – $600

This isometric illustration is an accurate but stylised depiction of a coal transportation process.  Limited in detail, but shows an overview of how the coal moves from pit to port. Client supplied approximately 30 aerial photographic images from the site and the specific names of the machinery so we could research each piece. The brief was to show the process clearly with limited concern about the particular detail.

Semi-Stylised Vector Illustrations – $300

Using resource photos, these illustrations were drawn with a loose style in Adobe illustrator appearing semi-realistic to show the hand washing process. Using this style and minimal range of colour the project was completed quickly. It doesn’t allow for a highly realistic result, but still portrays the core message the client was looking for. This is one from a suite of ‘how to’ hygiene guides we created, however, the design for the template was an additional fee.


How to guide instructional illustration card
3D one colour model of factory overview

Complex 3D Model of Factory – $2500

Taken from stock illustration, this is not my work. I have used this example to provide an indication of the cost of a project such as this. The advantage of drawing a 3D model is being able to render a high res image from many different viewpoints. Four different views would be supplied at this price. This model can be used as the base to create animation, ie a crane moving. This example is six buildings that have been drawn and then duplicated and placed in alternative positions to give the illusion of a more complex scene. Note this is a base model with no colours or textures applied, ie glass, brick, steel or lighting etc. These elements would bring the cost of this project to approx $5000.


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